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Voyager 3 by Gurur Yıldız
The Voyager program is a scientific program that employs twin spacecraft, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, for investigating the outer Solar System. Voyager 1 had become the first human-made object to enter interstellar space, that means further than anyone, or anything, in history (August 2012). It has crossed into the heliosheath and is leaving the solar system, rising above the ecliptic plane at an angle of about 35 degrees at a rate of about 520 million kilometers (about 320 million miles) a year.
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Adam of Arda: L’Étranger by Gurur Yıldız
While Tom Bombadil is not particularly interested in taking sides in the conflict against Sauron, he does help rescue Frodo and his friends from immediate danger twice, once from Old Man Willow and a second time from the Barrow-wights of the Barrow-downs. On 26 September, T.A. 3018, he encountered four hobbits while he was searching for water-lilies for his wife. Two of those Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, had been captured by Old Man Willow. Tom, who was the master of the Old Forest, rescued them and took all four of them to his house.
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Escape from Universe 25: Mars One by Gurur Yıldız
Is there any chance of explaining clearly that what is the ‘situation’ for sapiens of hominids? Is it the relation between other sapiens? Physics rules of our universe? The man we love? The woman we want to kiss? Maybe just everything that our perception let us… OR the exact opposite version of our perception: the mystery. If we really ‘desire’ to understand things that much, our perception should interfere with the mysteries, shouldn’t it? That means we are converting mysteries into realities and that’s because one century’s mysteries becoming next one’s reality.
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Abjection by Dicle Rojda Tasman
The door opened. As soon as “the girl” came out, her big brown eyes dazzled by the burning sun. She used her arm as a shield against it. Then she turned back to home, came back with the sunglasses covering her eyes and walked through the bus station. For 8 minutes, she kept looking repeatedly to her watch and the road. It was almost musical, rhythmic. Watch. Road. Watch Road… Watch. The bus came and she jumped to it.
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“I or Me” Seeks by Utku Baserdem
Rick and Morty is one of the most successful animation sequences that has emerged in recent times. At first, it looks like a simple story: Einstein-like grandfather and a grandson who looks very ordinary, a parody of Back to the Future… However, the unexpected side of the series is discovering that these series are actually debating about existential issues, and you can only realize it by watching all these episodes that emphasize the person more than science. One of the most interesting characters of the series is Mr. Meeseeks, who is confronted in the episode named Meeseeks and Destroy.
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Tea Before the Train Hits by E. Öykü Us 
We run alongside an unending tunnel; with innocence in our eyes, with spring in our step, we are exposed to knowledge that has been left behind by those who have passed a long time ago.  It is dark, but we are not afraid, for we have passed such paths under the sun. Surely, wise individuals such as ourselves would know if something dangerous would come to pass.
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Stuck in a Portrait by E. Sercan Akhanli 
People are bad. There are a good people too. There is an interesting connection between dark and white. It will not be bad if it is not good, it will not be good if it is not bad. I am little sad. Coward! I try to change it. Failure! Boring, boring, and boring… Come to home, rest, eat, sleep. Get up! I have to do things to do. There is something to say. I could not speak. The people who I lost, the people who I gained. Do you get it? Life is tired, I am desperate. Cars are moving fast, time is passing. I do not move. I am getting old. The time follows me. Suicide. A remote possibility. But I thought. Not serious. But deep and deepto access the full article click here.

The Misguided Quest for Happiness by Selda Koydemir 
Human living is a Sisyphean task, Camus (1975) wrote and explained the resemblance of our lives with that of the mythological king Sisyphus who was given, by the Gods, the eternal punishment of rolling a large stone up a hill. Every time Sisyphus reaches the top, the stone rolls back down; it becomes a never-ending, repetitive task. This Sisyphean task became synonymous with what people have to do every day – senseless work. For Camus, rolling the stone up the hill and seeing it come down again is actually what challenges us, it’s what helps us grow and flourish. Sisyphus has nothing but to accept the absurdity to overcome it. It’s not definitely a comfortable state, or a state full of pleasure, but a state which teaches us how to live fully. It shows that a good life is possible even with the struggles as long as one has the inner strength used against the absurd. In The Myth of Sisyphus, Camus says, “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night”; but concludes on an optimistic note: “One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” … to access the full article click here.

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